5 Reasons For Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Breast implants are designed to change the way that your breasts look. However, they are not designed to last for a lifetime. Generally, if you have gotten breast implant surgery, you will need to get breast augmentation revision surgery at some point in time. There are a few different reasons why you may need this surgery.

Reason #1: Change the Implant Size

First, you may want to change the size of your implants. You may want to make your implants larger or smaller. Your body may have changed, and you may want to change the size of your implants. You may want to change their size a few years after your initial surgery or a decade later. Either way, it is entirely possible.

Reason #2: Upgrade Implants

Second, you may want to upgrade to different implant materials. It is common to upgrade from saline implants, which use to be highly popular, to the newer silicone gel implants. Silicone gel implants have a more natural look and feel to them, and older saline implants can easily be swiped out for silicone gel ones.

Reason #3: Address Ruptured Implants

With older saline implants, there is always the risk that the implant could rupture. When it ruptures, your breast will look like it has been deflated. You can have breast augmentation revision surgery to remove the ruptured implant. You can then upgrade to silicone gel implants if you want to retain your implants. With a ruptured implant, even if just one breast was impacted, it is common to have both implants removed.

Reason #4: Reposition the Implants

Sometimes, over time, your implants can move a little bit. They can sometimes slide down low on the breast, below where they should naturally reside. Sometimes, the implant just isn't placed in the right place, to begin with. This is an infrequent complication, which can be addressed with breast augmentation revision.

Reason #5: Address Additional Complications 

Finally, breast augmentation recovery can be used to fix any complications from your initial procedure. Sometimes, scar tissue can be created naturally around your implants. This makes a capsule around your implant, which can tighten up and cause pain and change the look of your implants as well.

Breast augmentation revision surgery can be used to upgrade or change your implants. It can also be used to deal with rare complications, such as a ruptured implant or one that needs to be repositioned. Basically, if you already have implants, any procedure to adjust or remove those implants falls under the umbrella of breast augmentation revision surgery. If you think you need this surgery, talk to a plastic surgeon about the details of the process.