Is A Breast Lift In Your Best Interest?

If you are considering a breast lift, it's likely you want to make sure that you are making the right choice for your body. A breast lift is not for everybody, and it is important that you understand what makes somebody a good candidate for this procedure.

These are the qualities that will make you a good candidate for a breast lift.

It Begins With a Reason

The first component of finding out if you are a good candidate for a breast lift is determining why you want one in the first place. For example, you might have noticed your breasts have been sagging since you gave birth and breastfed for several years. You could also notice more sagging after menopause or with weight gain or loss.

Consider the Intensity of the Sagging

It's possible that you notice some sagging but don't think it's quite enough to warrant a lift. If a lift would help you, you can likely see the signs that it is happening slowly over time. You might realize that you don't need a lift or that you instead want to have implants removed, for example.

In some cases, people even reduce the size of their areolas instead of getting a full lift. A lift technique can reduce the size, giving the appearance of less sagging on its own.

Think About Your Goals

The goals of the patient will also play a role in this procedure. For example, you might want to see an increase in volume as well as a change in shape. A doctor can let you know if your goals are achievable.

You also have to consider the aesthetics of your goals. For example, it's reasonable to assume that you will have a slight scar after the surgery. You have to make sure you are ready for this.

Follow Your Doctor's Rules

Finally, you have to make sure that you can follow the rules of your doctor. For example, some doctors require that their patients stop smoking before surgery to avoid the potential for infection.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon Will Help You Make the Call

You should talk to a surgeon about a breast lift. If they have concerns about what the surgery might look like for you, they can help you determine what kind of procedure is right. You may find that another option is ideal for your goals. Contact a doctor for more information regarding breast lifts.