Dealing With Loose Skin Caused By Losing Large Amounts Of Weight

If you have lost a good amount of weight, then you may see that you didn't end up with the perfect figure that you thought your weight loss would bring. Depending on the amount of weight you lost and the amount of time you lost it in, you can end up with a lot of loose skin and other issues. Here are some of the problem areas you may end up with and things that can be done to get help with those problems.

Loose belly skin

A very big problem with many people who lose a significant amount of weight is to end up with loose belly skin that causes a lot of irritation. Not only can the loose skin make it hard to find pants that fit correctly, but the skin can also lead to rashes and irritation that can even get infected. For this problem, tummy tucks can be helpful. A tummy tuck is done by removing the extra skin and attached fat.

Loose arm skin

When a lot of weight is lost, it can also cause the under area of the arms to have loose skin. This skin is often referred to as 'chicken wings,' and it can make wearing certain types of shirts uncomfortable and embarrassing, such as very short-sleeved shirts and tank tops. Arm lifts are available to help with this problem. An arm lift is done by removing excess skin and fat, then pulling the skin together and closing the incision with surgical staples and/or stitches.

Loose lower body skin

People who have lost very large amounts of weight can end up with problematic loose skin not only in their belly area but also around their hips and in their leg area. In these cases, a lower body lift can be helpful to remove a lot of that excess skin and give the person a nicer looking lower body. A lower body lift is done by removing a section of skin near the midsection and lifting the skin from the lower portion of the body up and then using surgical staples/stitches to attach the two sections together where they will heal as one unit.

Now that you have a good idea of some of the cosmetic procedures that are available to those who have lost large amounts of weight, you may feel relieved to know that you can also get help with your loose skin issues. To learn more, contact your local plastic surgery center today.