Three Reasons To Avoid Unnecessary Car Rides After Breast Augmentation

When you visit a cosmetic surgery clinic to have your breasts augmented, you'll need to arrange for someone to drive you home afterward because you'll still be groggy from the anesthetic and driving yourself isn't safe. In the days ahead that you devote to your recovery, it's ideal if you stay away from the car — even as a passenger. This is a time to have your loved ones run errands for you so that you can stay at home to rest and concentrate on recovering. Before long, you'll be feeling well and eager to get away from the house with your new physique. Here are some reasons that you should avoid riding in a car as much as possible.

Discomfort From The Seat Belt

When you're seated in a vehicle with your seat belt on, the diagonal part of the belt will run right between your breasts. Depending on how you had the breast augmentation procedure done, the belt's position may cause some tenderness. For example, if your incisions are directly below each breast — known as inframammary incisions — the seat belt may pass closely enough to them to be uncomfortable. This can especially be true if you're jostling around while riding in the vehicle.

Bending To Get In And Out

Your cosmetic surgeon will give you specific instructions on what positions to avoid after breast augmentation. As you might expect, bouncing will be on this list, but so will bending. When you bend forward, this can cause some discomfort around your breasts for a bit of time, so this is definitely a position to avoid. Certain cars require you to bend fairly lowly to get in and out of them. For example, a sports car that is low to the ground requires a significant bend to use, which can be problematic.

Risk Of An Accident

While the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident is generally low, it's always present. When you've just had your breasts augmented, the last thing that you want to experience is a car accident that causes trauma to your breasts. For example, if you were to be seated in the front seat during an accident, the hard pull of the seatbelt at the point of impact would likely cause serious pain, and the pressure of the airbag making contact with your chest could also be dangerous. You don't want anything to get in the way of your successful breast augmentation recovery, so avoiding unnecessary rides in the car is best.