3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Not everyone is entirely happy with the way that they look. If you happen to be one of the many people who are unhappy with the way their body looks, consider undergoing cosmetic surgery. For many people, cosmetic surgery provides them for a way to actualize the ideal way that they wish they looked. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a little about just a few common cosmetic surgical procedures.  

Hair Transplant Surgery

There are numerous ways that a cosmetic surgeon can prevent the onset of issues like male pattern baldness or a raised hairline. A surgeon can create a scenario where the amount of scalp that is shown by your hairline is much less. Alternatively, "hair plugs" can be used. These are essentially transplanted healthy hair follicles that are placed right onto your scalp. The recovery time of hair transplant surgery varies from person to person. You will be able to wash your hair after two days, have stitches removed after approximately ten days, and should be able to completely resume your normal activities after twelve weeks.

Lip Augmentation

Do you believe that your lips look a bit thin or that they are simply not as full as they possibly could be? Consider lip augmentation as a corrective procedure, then. During this process, a portion of your lip is opened and an augmentation, which is usually silicone-based, is placed inside, giving your lips a fuller look that will look even better when gloss is applied! Recovery time for lip augmentation is basically non-existent. You can return to work or school the same day of the surgery with not so much as a few bruises to show for the procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Whether you are a woman who believes that her breasts are too ample, or a man who has developed the issue of gynecomastia, you may wish to reduce the size of your breasts. The causes in gynecomastia are numerous, and may include a massive hormone imbalance, genetic disorders, or excessive drug use. Breast reduction surgery in both men and women involves removing some of the fat glands that are present in the breasts using a vacuum-like device, then pulling the skin tauter over the existing muscle.

If you believe you could benefit from any of the listed surgical procedures, or any other form of cosmetic surgery, it is highly recommended that you call the offices of a local and trusted cosmetic surgeon