Why Laser Hair Removal Is For You

Over the course of a lifetime, you can spend weeks shaving your body hair. In fact, shaving only your legs can use up 72 days of your life. Imagine what you could do with all that time instead if you chose to permanently remove your unwanted hair. Laser hair removal offers you the best chance to free yourself from unpleasant and time-consuming hair-removal practices while leaving your skin smoother than you had ever hoped.


When you have a busy life, simply taking twenty minutes every day or every few days to shave your legs can be a challenge. You cannot afford to skip this practice because you will soon have an army of prickly hair regrowth sticking to your clothes and itching uncontrollably. Because lasers can treat a quarter-sized area at once, dozens of hairs are treated simultaneously. A clinician can take care of your mustache in about a minute while a laser treatment on your legs can take about an hour. Although you will have to have multiple treatments, approximately 3-7, after you are done, the time you save on your grooming routine will be impressive. 


If you have spent years shaving or waxing, the minor discomfort of a laser procedure should not worry you. People who have had this hair removal method done report feeling mild stinging. Compared to the cuts you've endured from a razor or the agony of waxing, the pain from the laser will seem mild. Also, you are only undergoing this discomfort for a limited period and not the rest of your life. 


Laser treatments can cost between $95 to $250 a session. This may seem like a significant amount, but experts say that laser treatments are actually the most cost effective choice you can make when it comes to hair removal, since $1500 in laser treatments are a one time expense. Waxing sessions can cost between $35 and $80 a session and need to be repeated every two to six weeks. Shaving requires a nearly constant supply of fresh razors and skin soothing products. Hair removal is not cheap, but using laser treatments can save you money in the long term.

Lasers offer other advantages as well, including smoother skin. Also, imagine never having to check your legs before you go outside in shorts. Consult with a laser specialist like Power MD to see what this method can do to improve your appearance while saving you time and money.