Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal … Down There

Whether you want your pubic hair gone for personal reasons or your partner prefers no hair in your private areas, laser hair removal is always an alternative to regular Brazilian waxing. While waxing does a good job of giving you the completely hair-free look, the results are merely temporary. That means you will be left getting a wax every little bit just to maintain the results. Laser hair removal is more advanced and safe than it ever has been before, so it is now a logical option. Here is a look at a few things you do need to know about having your lady parts laser treated for hair removal. 

Shaving first will be part of the process. 

If you have especially delicate and sensitive skin, you may avoid using a razor to shave your bikini area at all because you will be left with everything from ugly red irritation to ingrown hair bumps when the prickly hairs start to grow back. However, if you are planning to go for laser hair removal in the bikini region, you will have to shave everything first. The lasering process involves using the laser equipment to target specific hair follicles, which can be difficult to do if you still have long hair in the area. 

Complete results are only achievable with several visits. 

Unlike when you go in for a Brazilian waxing session, you will not leave your laser treatment appointment completely finished and hair free. The complete results can only be achieved in several visits. The laser technician will usually work on patches of hair at a time. This allows the hair follicles to naturally fall out and die away between visits so they can target whatever is left the next. 

The process of laser hair removal is mostly painless. 

One of the greatest fears about laser hair removal in your private areas is that it will hurt. After all, this skin can be more sensitive to irritants than other parts of your body. The good news is, laser hair removal is considered a mostly painless process, especially compared to waxing in which hair is essentially yanked out of its holding skin. The laser treatment may result in you feeling some warmth in the treatment areas and you may occasionally feel a small snap like a rubber band prick, but other than that, you should remain fairly comfortable throughout the treatment process.